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Facebook can freeze, disable, lock, restrict, or permanently ban your ad accounts for many reasons. It happens without warning and getting it back is very difficult. It’s a tiny miracle when a representative finally gets back to you.

We want you to go back to normal operations as soon as possible.

There’s a safe, effective way to keep running your ads – agency ad accounts!

People Love Us Because We Offer:

Fast Response

We're here for you.

$10,000,000+ In Ads

That's why we have higher limits.

500+ Clients

No mistakes are ever repeated.

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No percentages or hidden fees. Stay away from percentages.


We check everything so you don't get blocked.
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How Does It Work?

It's confusing when your ad account gets flagged and gets blocked. The best you can hope for is that they resolve the issue in a few days.

We can prevent that from happening, with a solution to replace your previous ad account.

Your ads should be running with verified, high-quality, high-limit Facebook agency ad accounts. Your content is sent for approval before going live, so they can't really block it once they approved it themselves. If they do, they usually unblock it instantly after we complain.

Some services charge you a percentage of your ad spend, or have unreasonably high ad spend minimums.

Not us. We only charge one flat rate.

No strings. No gimmicks. No problems.

To get back to advertising as soon as possible, just spend a minute filling out our form so we can get in touch. Once you’re checked, we run compliance on your content and you’re ready to relaunch.


What’s The Price?

$500 per ad account per month. To keep our accounts from getting blocked, you simply send us your advertising budget so we can use our non-flagged payment methods.

“Failed Payments” are one of the major reasons that Facebook flags and blocks accounts.

We use only our trusted payment networks on our dedicated ad accounts. Our extra security measures keep us in business, so we can keep you in business.

Each one of our ad accounts has an exclusive Facebook Representative.

We also offer deposit confirmation and content compliance to be extra safe.

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The Safe Way to Get Back In

Facebook doesn’t want to lose your ad revenue. Their algorithm blocked you for any odd reason to "protect" their community standards, even when they are wrong – which it often times they are. Yes, it’s awful that the very company that you’re funding with your own ad dollars is the one now blocking you from advertising and not giving you a valid reason as to why.

We’re a verified FB Business Partners, even if we don’t approve of their policies or the fact that they blocked you in the first place.

Our business is USA-based with verified badges – you can check out our status on the Facebook Partner Directory.

Facebook Partner Directory

What Are People Saying About ADM?

We’ve handled over $10 million dollars in ads for over 500 businesses and entrepreneurs. What do they have to say about us?

“My team spends $120k every month on FB ads. They shut us down for no reason and wouldn’t say why! We rely on those ads to pay for our entire business, including my salary. Luckily, a friend told me about ADM and we were up and running with ads the next day.”
Ellen Marsken
Integrity Nutraceuticals
“Getting my ads running again in one hour was the first f**k! yeah of what was possibly the worst day of my entire career.”
Jakob Imarani
The Tech Guys
“I was on day 2 of my massive ad spend to launch my book to a #1 best-seller in my Amazon genre when Facebook suddenly suspended my ad account for no valid reason. It was like watching all my hard work and dreams come crashing down in slow motion. ADM hooked me up with an account the same day and I was back on track. Thank you!!!”
Jules Fox

When Can You Get Your New Account?

Once we have checked your website, and your content is approved by the representatives, you're good to go.

We do that for FREE, so if you'd like to know if you're compliant, shoot us a message and we'll check it for you.

The process is simple: Link Approved > Content Approved > Ad Account sent to your BM > Ads back online.

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Why Did Facebook Block My Ad Account?
It could be that the algorithm detected suspicious activity, or a failed payment. Possibly a Facebook user reported your ad, or the most likely scenario is that your account was blocked for a mysterious reason that we can never know. Sometimes they make mistakes and give your ad accounts back, but they often ban you permanently and never even offer a reason why. 
How Do I Know If FB Blocked or Flagged Me?
You will know right away. Facebook will leave you a message such as, “Your advertising account has been deactivated.” It’s likely no extra details should be given. 
How Do I Get My Account Back?
You can use Facebook's support chat to get in touch with a representative. Also you can send them tickets about what happened. Most of the ways to do it are a little faulty, so be persistent.
How Can I Trust ADM To Provide An Account For Me?
We’re a verified Facebook Marketing Partner (check their page!) and we’ve already helped people and companies to successfully run $10 million dollars in ads on Facebook, even after their original ad accounts were flagged. 
What Are My Ad Spending Limits On An ADM Account?
We offer high spending limits on all accounts, although they’re still governed by Facebooks rules and regulations, which can change from day to day.

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